Available Services

Remote IT security officer or virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is a dedicated security point of contacts for all issues that helps to build a customised security roadmap no matter where you are on the journey now.

​ Rapidly growing businesses may not have a complete security program, full-time CISO, and in-house resources with deep insights and knowledge on how secure operations should be developed, implemented, run, and managed. We recommend your virtual CISO solution. With CISO as a service (our expert as a part of your team), your organization will develop a tailored cybersecurity program aligning your business goals and technical needs that fits your profile and gets you compliant.

Risk Assessment and Management Services

Comprehensive evaluation of information security risks. Identification of vulnerabilities and potential threats. Development of strategies and controls to mitigate risks. Implementation of risk management practices and frameworks. Ongoing monitoring and assessment of security risks.

Security Policy Development Services

Creation and implementation of tailored security policies and procedures. Development of data protection and access control guidelines. Design of incident response protocols and disaster recovery plans. Integration of security awareness training programs. Alignment with industry regulations and compliance requirements.

Incident Response Planning and Management Services:

Collaboration to develop effective incident response plans. Establishment of protocols for incident detection, analysis, and response. Coordination with internal teams and external stakeholders during incidents. Forensic analysis and investigation of security breaches. Post-incident reviews and recommendations for process improvement.

Compliance and Regulatory Guidance Services

Interpretation and implementation of industry-specific regulations (e.g., NIS2, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS). Guidance on achieving compliance with relevant standards. Assessment of current compliance status and identification of gaps. Development of strategies and controls to meet compliance requirements. Regular audits and reviews to ensure ongoing compliance.

Security Awareness Training and Education Services:

Conducting training sessions to educate employees on security best practices. Development of customized security awareness programs. Promotion of a culture of security consciousness and accountability. Delivery of targeted training for specific roles and responsibilities. Monitoring and assessment of the effectiveness of security awareness initiatives.

Vendor and Third-Party Risk Management Services:

Evaluation of security posture and risks associated with vendors and third-party partners. Implementation of risk management processes for external relationships. Development of vendor assessment criteria and due diligence practices. Establishment of contractual requirements for security controls and compliance. Ongoing monitoring and periodic review of vendor security performance.

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